The End of The Animal Game, released on Android & iOS



Wild Animals Online is released. Wild Animals Online is an animal game where you can choose one of a variety of wild animals from herbivorous, carnivorous, and omnivorous animals to hunt and battle other racial animals.

Through this game you can play all kinds of animals. It is called the end game king of the animal game in that it can play the characters that are difficult to see in traditional games such as camels, giraffes, crocodiles, and penguins, as well as animals such as deer, lion and wolf

One of the unusual things about the game is that the zombie hound among the characters can only be selected through another game, Wild Zombie Online. Fight and hunt each other on the same map, but character choices can be made in different games. At first, it was only available on the iPhone (ipad), and at the request of Android users, it was recently released as an Android version.

The reason I recommend this game is that first of all, there is fun to hunt and battle with animal characters, to be able to choose and play various animals, and to have cute little cubs in the game. Finally, there is a variety of fun, such as fighting giant monsters and dragons, fighting with herbivores and carnivores.




▶ Wild Animals Online
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▶ Wild Zombie Online
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