The War Game of the Wolves and Aliens, X-WOLF Released on Mobile


Fantasy animal action game combined with weapon, magic and supernatural power.

Two possibilities exist…
Either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.
By Arthur C. Clarke.

X-WOLF game is about the powerful and supernatural warriors with genes of human and wolves. They fight against the alien beings that attack the Earth and explore the new settlement in the space.

You can choose your warrior in the 3Feds(Unions) with Mountain, Snow and Wild and fight against the alien beings and survive from the competition of the other species.

One of the most attractive functions in this game is ability to add the turret onto the character that allows shooting with the bullets, missiles and laser.

Because of the ability of real wolves to gather in flocks, X-WOLF game allows to gather wolves in flocks using the summon connecting the other nearby animals of the flock with electrical ring to get a more powerful combat ability.

♠ X-WOLF  features

  • 10 kinds of the open world areas (including an alien planet)
  • 50 kinds of diverse alien monsters
  • party function for combating each other in the form of dungeon.

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Here is info page (with video and screenshots):


Market link:



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