Lead your team to win the fight against monsters, Hi Lord



As an absolute lord, you can control warriors, beasts, and mages and use them in battle.
Understand weakness & strength chart and after that characteristic of monsters to compose the best units.
Even if you have the best monster cards, if you neglect the monster training and combat, you will be the loser Lord.
Overcome your enemies and get battle superiority with skill and card upgrade. It will be the power of victory.
Sometimes you can defeat powerful enemies through cooperation with other Lords
God will stand with you until you have prevailed.
best regards, your guardian
▶Game Features◀
1. A horizontal scroll style action game
2. A real-time battle game with people around the world.
3. Collect cute, sexy and unique monsters
4. Strategic combat system using unique skills and avoidance technology
5. Never a dull moment! You will fight short and intense battles.



Free Download

▶ Google Play Store(Android)

▶ App Store(iOS/iphone,ipad)

▶ Amazon

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