Life Of Black Tiger Available today on the PlayStation®4

Animal Adventure Game, Life Of Black Tiger PS4 Released – Release Info

1Games today announces Life Of Black Tiger PS4, its adventure game for PlayStation®4 devices. Life Of Black Tiger is an interactive 3D adventure game is set in jungle, field, and forest surroundings. Acting as a cruel hunter in the vast plains and fields, players are thrown into a fight against human beings & other beast of prey. You must seek food for his babies.

This game is about a black tiger, born as a variant and abandoned by his parents and brothers, who fights against human kind and shows his love to his family, It’s a downloaded more than about 2.5 million worldwide and have received 4.0 rating higher in App Store & Google Store.

* Review of the Life of Black Tiger on AppStore & Google PlayStore

  • Best game I have played in a while!! – Kaleigh Collins December 29, 2015
  • Awesome You can play it offline and online one of best games I played ho dosent like this

– Katarina Dimitrijevic January 4, 2016  

  • Awesome This game is awesome this is the first game i played when you actually have a mate and a baby – Melissa Coyle February 4, 2015.
  • I have played this game 4a long time everything is great  – Julian Tielking December 26. 2014.
  • Good It was really fun and easy to do – Alondra Rodriguez December 4. 2014.
  • Fun Its epic so good I love it but its sad ending – Jesse PetreaNovember 11. 2014.

Life of Deer_Screen shot_04

Game Features

1) Superb background and 3D graphics

2) Realistic and exciting missions,

3) A large amount of various animals

Game Mode

1) Life Story Mode : About 40 mission play with touching storylines. Can be play in interesting and dramatic story mode in black tiger view.

2) Open Mission Mode : Can be play again that complete missions in the Life story mode

3) Multi Participate in PvP Mode : A PVP combat with players from all over the world in real-time. After clearing all story missions, black tiger will be supplied for free in multi play.

4) Upgrade Animals Menu: Upgrading the ability of striking power, defensive power, speed will make it a monster with unlimited power. Players can be select PvP Animals – crocodiles, wolves, bison, buffalo, eagle, human, deer, sheep, wild dogs, rhinos, fish, elephant, pig, tiger, leopard, giraffe, rabbit, squirrel, chicken, fox, bear etc…

Game Mission

  • Human hunting
    They are relaxing on the frozen river. Hunt them and their hunting dogs.
    ● A female tiger
    Right after saving me, she leaves for her own way. Follow her back not to be far away.
    ● Invasion by a bear
    A bear is threatening the pregnant female tiger. Let’s go back and defeat the bear.
    ● My loving family
    Let’s take the female tiger and my little baby in the forest. I’ll teach the path in the forest to my baby.
    ● Crazy wild dogs
    Crazy wild dogs by starving followed the smell of my baby and threatening my family. Let’s defeat them with the female tiger.
    ● Starvation
    We couldn’t eat anything for a while. But there will be animal corpse somewhere. Let’s avoid poisoned rotten animals and find fresh ones to fill our stomach.
    ● Relations
    A leopard is running from human. Let’s defeat human with the leopard together. (Ellipsis)

Reward Systems

Players can get paid points according a completed time of Life Story Mode. These points can be used animal characters upgrade of player at Multi Mode.

Official Launch Trailer

For more information, please visit the Sony PlayStation’s game website at

Title Life of Black Tiger Publisher 1Games
Release January 2017 Genre Action / Adventure
ESRB MATURE 17+ Blood / Violence Players 1~20
Price $9.99 USD contact
Game Info & Download
Trailer Video

New Animal Adventure Game, 「Life of Deer」Released

An animal adventure game that follows the growth and adventure of a baby deer in a beautiful wild.


A baby deer was born to a father deer, the chief of deer herd and the most beautiful mother deer in the world. He spends peaceful and happy days by playing with animal friends in the beautiful nature of wild. However, that happy moments didn’t last long. When the baby deer was in danger to lose his life from the predators of wild, he barely managed to survive thanks to the help of father deer…


A real game that unfolds in a beautiful background that presents the scenery of wild as it is.

An adventure game in which you  complete various missions by following the eyes of baby deer.

A fairy tale-like story game showing the baby deer’s growth, pain, and love toward his family.

A healing game that soothes one’s mind through a soft and calm story and the beautiful background of nature in the game

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Dinos Online is the best free monster dinosaur game ever!


Dinos online is the most vibrant addictive brain monster dinosaur game! This game will let you think ahead before you make any move while playing in the Jurassic period with your dinosaur.

The objective of this game is to run, find and hunt a prey to survive to grow faster and more strongly than other dinosaur tribes.  You will enjoy hunting with your friends from all over the world. It’s also a great opportunity to meet enormous kinds of dinosaurs and living the Jurassic Period.

Sounds easy, but can you really do it and hunt other monster dinosaurs?



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The Hunt Is On With 4Force Online



Would you rather hunt or be hunted? It’s a basic question, perhaps the most basic, primitive one of all. So is it any wonder it remains, across hundreds of thousands of years, an important theme to this day? If you think about it, most stories or games take the form of a hunt, in one way or another; everything from detective stories to certain sci-fi stories utilise the same basic structure. It’s infinitely appealing to us. Evidently, the good folks at Play One games have cottoned on to that fact, and have duly presented us with their offering, the back to basics hunting game 4Force Online. It’s big, it’s brash and it’s out now for iOS and Google Play.


4Force Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game, or MMORPG for (kind of ) short. This means it throws a whole load of players into the mix and lets them duke it out, or indeed team up, with each other. As the internet becomes more prevalent in gaming culture, this type of play has had serious success, especially over the last five years or so. The move to smartphone was an obvious and logical one; everyone loves playing multiplayer, we’ve known that since the eighties; so what better way to utilise the solitary gaming experience of the smartphone by integrating it in to a global community? Some of the most popular smartphone games, Clash of Clans for instance, are of the MMORPG variety, so clearly, the developers of 4Force Online are on to a winner. But how does it stack up?

wolfonline_scr_02_1024x768               e394d-wolfonline_scr_03_2208x1242

In a word or two, very well indeed. It’s a solid, beautiful-looking game that’s nowhere near as shallow as some of its competitors. It’s clear that a lot of time and thought has been poured into the game, which is clear from the outset as you stumble into the first world, a gorgeously-rendered woodland with sparkling sunshine and wavy grass. And also crocodiles and lions. The game pulls no punches with its opening; there’s no tutorial videos or explanations. You’re thrust into the world clean, and must make your way as best you can. Fortunately, the controls are intuitive and responsive, making moving very easy. You can control the point-of-view by manoeuvring your right hand anywhere on the screen – character directions are operated by your left hand.

4force map

It’s simple to pick up but hard to master – as the best games often are. The ability to team up with your online pals is a great addition, and you can have buckets of fun trying to destroy a werewolf or other humungous beast that won’t go down to a simple slash and hack approach. There are four character classes to choose from too (Knight, Troll, Barbarian or Dwarf), and you can save four different lads to your account, so you can try out each different class to find out which one suits you best. Have a crack at 4Force Online – you won’t regret it.

Fight the bestial hordes at the App Store or Google Play to join the hunt today for free!


1Games Releases New Mobile Game


PRESS RELEASE: Seoul SK, 18-NOVEMBER-2015 – 1Games is pleased to announce the release of its new mobile game 4Force Online. The app is in the Action category and can be downloaded from the Google store or through App Store. The release date is December 15, 2015. The game reviews are favorable, with a current rating of 4.4 with a total of more than four hundred review to date.


The game app requires that a player hunt or be hunted. The combat is focused on one of four groups, Trolls, Barbarians, Dwarfs and Knights. The purpose of the action adventure game is to hunt giant boss monsters. Each of the groups has distinct characteristics. There is a friends finder and a registration function. Strength is built through hunting and engaging in combat.


There can be raids from boss monsters which vary according to difficulty levels of the players. The three  levels are normal, hard and secret. Players can form parties in order to more effectively hunt boss monsters. There is a reward system offered for accomplishments. Players may choose a specialized pet for each of the groups to help with combat.


1Games is a well-know7f2a4-wolfonline_scr_02_2208x1242n mobile game developer, with more than three hundred games to its credit. The company offers games
which will appeal throughout the world markets. There are various genres of games for players to choose from. These include racing games, action and adventure games. The Line of Wolf Series is a favorite among players, with more than five million downloads currently.

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Get Your Hands On 4force, The Latest Pvp Hunt And Battle Game

The launch of 4force online:

1games has recently introduced and launched a new much exciting real time PVP Battle and hunt game that is available for free at the Google’s Playstore. The game has not yet released for apple users but is expected to be launched soon. At this point in time, only Android users can enjoy the game for free on their handheld devices.

What is new?

4Force online released by 1games is an astounding and fascinating PVP game that packs much thrill and amusement. The can be downloaded for free and lets users choose avatars to fight the terrifying monsters on their way to the hell where a giant boss monster resides. The goal is to survive the game with the help of pets and unique tools and powers and fight with demonic monsters that do everything possible to stop the warriors from reaching the giant boss that is present at the final gate of hell. Many hurdles and distortions come in the way of the warriors who try their best to survive and hunt and combat the evil forces in an attempt to conquer the world.

Major features of the game:

4force online offers a real time gaming experience allowing users to play with friends from across the globe, the game works with internet and lets users play with friends and other users in a battlefield where various forces prevent them from reaching the giant boss monster. It’s a PVP combat of 4 camps including barbarian, knight, dwarf, and troll. Users can join any camp to enjoy its unique set of features and characteristics. Many players take part in each camp and hunt and combat in groups or play individually. Players can call other users from the camp in case of emergency situations and the feature of teleportation can also be used to survive in complex battle scenarios.

A diverse game play:

4force online offers a diverse game play with the 4 camps. There is a unique function of teleportation that allows users to call others for help in tough battling situations. Find friends seamlessly with the help of friend finder and get registered instantly with simple and easy registration system. Create your own characteristics via animal hunt and boss raid battles. Enjoy a real time combat and hunt in group with other players in the camp.

For Media Contact And For Downloading The Game: