Pixel Zombie Game, Pixel Blood Online Released on Mobile



Renowned international game developer, 1Games has announced the release of their all new survival pixel block game called Pixel Blood Online. The game is now available in stock on Google Play Store and App Store can be downloaded for free. Moreover, it has received a phenomenal response from the players worldwide and is already getting top ratings as well as reviews. It is an ultimate survival block game where players have to survive in cities, farms, airports and train stations full of zombies.

“You have to acquire a serum to survive from many people who have turned into zombies and protect yourself from those who want to take the serum away.” said the spokesperson of  1Games while talking about this amazing game. “Always be careful of what’s behind you because you don’t know when your friend will turn into the enemy.” he added. According to the developers of this game, this is a fight for mankind itself.

The game enables players to build their own bonfire and formulate other techniques for survival. Moreover, it lets the players fight for their countries as well as themselves and for the entire humanity at large. The game has various unique characters that are more than 100 in number and do a variety of occupations. These occupations include chefs, pilots, soldiers, school girls, and stewardesses. Furthermore, it offers dozens of weapons for survival, including knives, swords, hammers, bats, hockey sticks and of course, the guns.

In addition, the game is also equipped with multiple vehicles and vehicular support. It also offers several interesting game modes and battle modes. In addition to general battle mode, players can experience various game modes such as boss battle and death match. It also features a transformation mode to mutant zombie. Furthermore, a player can decide a variety of battle methods and styles due to changes in peace, hostility, national mode and day and night changes.

Free Download
▶ Android : https://goo.gl/rnRWGr
▶ iOS : https://goo.gl/FzLsbw
▶ Amazon : https://goo.gl/isqZqE



Best Animal Combat Game! Wild Animals Online

Wild Animals online

Wild Animals online is a survival for the fittest game. It is a world of animals whereby the strongest of all animals survives based on the law of the jungle. This amazing game permits you to play as 20 different animal types ranging from carnivores to herbivores and to omnivores, and to also hunt in several different maps and environment. Each of the 20 different animals has its exceptional way of hunting. So you can either choose an animal based on your style of play or pick an animal according to your personal interest.


How Wild Animals online game is played

Step 1: You choose one from the 20 different animals

Step 2: Boost your character to the strongest animal

Step 3: Contend with other players from all over the world – fighting to survive in the wild. At times, you would need to work together with other animals and participate in a major battle to hunt gigantic dragons and monsters.

Not that you must survive the competition with other wild animals, and escape from animal hunting zombies that are on your trail. Will you be able to survive from the fight against numerous aggressive animals, gigantic monsters, and zombie animals? Wild Animals Online is a fresh multiplayer game for Android platform, and a fun game to play. This is not only due to the fact that you will act as an animal, but also because it supports cross-platform play with other iOS users. Some of its features include:


Features of Wild Animals online

 20 different animal characters

– You can play more than 20 kinds of various animals on your own.

 Rich maps and different natural environment

– The maps are divided into Sahara, a bleak desert; Siberia, covered by snow and ice; and a savanna (a vast tropical grassland). The natural environments include: Monster Field where huge zombie monsters appear and Dragon Lava where dragons with the properties of fire, ice, and lightening.

 Sex Choice and Breeding

– you can select the sex of your animal character and if you achieve

love with an animal that has a different sex, you can also have a cute baby animal that can increase your physical strength. However, the baby animal will die if you fail to feed them within 24 hours.

 Diversified Means of Hunting – You can experience diversified battles such as attack, escape, and defense as well as calling the same kind for a power attack, and running to bite off.

 Differentiated Combat/Growth Means – Animals have different combat and growth means by dividing into food groups and forms of living, depending on the habits and characteristics they have. You must carefully choose the character that suits your preference.

 Diverse Missions and Master Menus – You can add more fun to the game through the Trophy Menu, where you can make achievements and earn honor points by performing some specific missions such as travelling, hunting, and acquiring. The Master Menu also enables you to give much more damage when hunting a certain animal.Note that if you delete the game by any means, all the data will be gone and unrecoverable.

Wild Animals online is a must play game for all fun lovers!


New Animal Adventure Game, 「Life of Deer」Released

An animal adventure game that follows the growth and adventure of a baby deer in a beautiful wild.


A baby deer was born to a father deer, the chief of deer herd and the most beautiful mother deer in the world. He spends peaceful and happy days by playing with animal friends in the beautiful nature of wild. However, that happy moments didn’t last long. When the baby deer was in danger to lose his life from the predators of wild, he barely managed to survive thanks to the help of father deer…


A real game that unfolds in a beautiful background that presents the scenery of wild as it is.

An adventure game in which you  complete various missions by following the eyes of baby deer.

A fairy tale-like story game showing the baby deer’s growth, pain, and love toward his family.

A healing game that soothes one’s mind through a soft and calm story and the beautiful background of nature in the game

For Media Contact And For Downloading The Game:
■ Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbz2VXr5bKM&feature=youtu.be
■ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lifeofdeer
■ Google Store (Android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.playonegames.LifeOfDeer
■ APP Store : https://itunes.apple.com/app/life-of-deer/id1131886591